Secertary's Message

Mr. Hassan Iqbal
Secertary, Ministry of Textile Industry
Textile sector has overwhelming impact on the economy, 60% of the country’s export is related to textile sector.
Today’s global competition has become a challenge for developing countries. Keeping in view of the above, main
objective of the Ministry of Textile Industry is to formulate strategies and programs to enable  the  textile
sector to meet the challenges of post quota phase out. Moreover, to make the textile sector globally competitive,
it also provides policy guidelines to the Provincial Governments and takes initiatives in those  sectors  where
private sector is reluctant to invest.

Overall growth of textile is recorded 6.1% during year 2015-16 reflecting the fact that MINTEX’s policies were
consistent, prudent and transparent that led the economy to prosperity.MINTEX’s mostrecent endeavor’s which will
definitely enable the textile sector to meet the requirements and challenges of  the  modern  world as  well  as
progressive economy.