TCO's Message

Rizwan Tariq
Textile Commissioner
Textile Industry of Pakistan being major economic sector of Pakistan, will continue to be the main driving force in the industrial and agriculture area for quite a long future as no other option which has similar opportunity is seen. The availability of cheap labor and basic raw material for textile industry has played the principal role in the growth of the Pakistan Textile Industry, and will continue to do so.
Textile industry in Pakistan has great many advantages to offer for investment in the sector. Moreover, the product/supply value chain of the industry provides wider opportunities for those investors aspire either to specialize in a certain products or involve in the production of integrated products. The Textile Industry has an in built potential for performing better both in production as well as in export by virtue of its inherent competitiveness in the international market for its conventional products. However, to sustain its position and to move in high value added products as well as for the increased market share, a large investment in machinery equipment and new technology is essential. The Textile Industry of Pakistan has been growing tremendously since the past recent years. This growth stimulates the export and domestic consumption of textile. This fast growing Textile Industry of Pakistan would create a better scenario for the local as well as International textile market. Pakistan Textile Industry mix of Export remain between 10~12 Billion US Dollar for the last 05 years whereas its spinning capacity consumes 15 Million (approx.) Cotton bales which clearly depict there is ample opportunity for the Investors, especially in value added, as if all the 15 Million bales would have converted into Ready Made Garments, it could fetch an export earning worth 35 Billion US Dollar.
Textile Commissioner’s Organization, being an attached department of Ministry of Textile Industry, has a commitment to support the industry throughout the value chain, thereby insuring value addition and import substitution of accessories & components and has a clear vision of Pakistan Textile Industry as seen, which will be an open market driven & dynamic textile sectors, Internationally integrated and globally competitive.