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Textile sector has overwhelming impact on the economy, 60% of the country’s export is related to textile sector.
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Textile Commissioner's Organization existed even prior to Independence as an attached department. After independence the Organization was first set up as a subordinate office of the Ministry of Industries, then merged with the Department of Supplies and Development in 1959. It was again made an independent Organization headed by a Textile Advisor in 1961 but abolished in 1962 and the organizational set up was merged with the Investment Promotion Bureau, under the title of Directorate of Textiles. This arrangement continued till the year 1973. However, as the Textile Industry was the first major industrial activity in Pakistan under direct Government encouragement it was felt that the requirements of Textile Industry were not being looked after properly.

The Textile Commissioner's Organization, with the status of an attached department under the Ministry of Industries, and headed by a Textile Commissioner was therefore, created in November 1973 and separate budget was allocated in July 1974. Although there had been changes in administrative arrangements within Ministry of Industries, but since 1973 Textile Commissioner’s Organization had been functioning as an independent department with its separate budget and status.


To develop and revitalize the Textile Industry in order to create a strong export base through developing / maintaining the database and to serve as a bridge between Government and Textile Industry.

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Employee NameDesignationScaleAppointment DateRetirement Date
Mr. Shamshad AliSteno Typist15 4/23/1983 4/30/2024
Mr. Masood-ul-HassanU.D.C13 10/31/1988 2/1/2024